Positive solutions to peak oil and climate change

Most energy is used to heat homes, for transport and in manufacturing processes, mostly created by burning fossil fuels. This creates two problems - burning fossil fuels causes climate change, but they are also a finite resource and supplies are starting to diminish.

Peak Oil

Oil is the most versatile of all fossil fuels and one that we are completely dependent on for our way of life.
This unsustainable situation cannot continue, not just from a climate change point of view, but also because of Peak Oil the point at which more oil has been extracted from the ground than remains in reserves. That time is now.

After Peak Oil has occurred, supply drops away and yet global demand is still rising at about 2% per year, driven by the rapidly industrialising countries of Asia. This will lead to shortfalls, meaning certain price rises and possible conflicts. Graph showing oil and natural gas usage
Energy at home

Any processes that involve heat require large inputs of energy. In the home, the biggest users of energy will be space heating, water heating and cooking.
Most homes are very wasteful of fossil fuel energy; a well insulated home should need very little heating and effective water heating can be achieved using solar power, a free and renewable resource.

On average, energy use at home makes up 25% of carbon footprints in the UK.
Using renewable energy

Far more energy falls on the Earth in one year as solar energy than is stored in all the World's fossil fuel reserves.
Fossil fuels are concentrated sunlight from millions of years, which we are squandering at an alarming rate, causing climate change and pushing beyond peak supply of each resource.

There are two scales we can easily benefit from this free, renewable and low-carbon resource. Every home could use solar panels or ground source heat pumps to provide the majority of their hot water. On a local or regional scale, larger renewable installations can provide the electricity we need in our homes. And wood is a sustainable resource that can also be used in the home to provide heat.

If you can't generate your own electricity, buy all yours from a renewable energy supplier.
The prices aren't very different to fossil fuel generated electricity and it will cut your electricity carbon footprint to virtually zero!