Positive solutions to peak oil and climate change

Climate change has been recognised as the single most important global challenge to everyone by world leaders and communities in every country across the planet.

Causes of climate change

Greenhouse gases, such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous oxide.
These trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere, known as the “greenhouse effect”, causing the planet to warm.
Sources of Greenhouse gases

Human activities, such as driving, flying, heating houses, generating electricity and farming.
These are mainly associated with people living in industrialised countries such as the UK.
Main impacts of Climate Change

Change in weather patterns, warmer global climate, sea level rises.
Specific impacts depends on where you live – sea level rise is the single most worrying aspect, especially here on Scilly.
Effects on humans

Availability of food and natural resources, political stability, environmental refugees.
People in poorer countries in particular will find it hard to adapt and population pressure could create millions of refugees.
Preventing climate change

Reduce our carbon emissions, or “carbon footprint”.
Nearly every activity we do creates carbon emissions, so reducing our personal and collective carbon footprint is critical. Preventing the worst effects of climate change for the future is still possible...find out how to reduce your carbon footprint here.