Positive solutions to peak oil and climate change

The Group

It's led by a core group of six people, but has a structure that allows anyone who's interested in our work to get involved at whatever level they want to.

We are an unincorporated association with a multi-signatory bank account, fully constituted. We welcome new members please contact us for more details.

Core Group Members

Adam White, Clare Lewis, Jonathan Smith, Kevin Leeman, Nick Lishman, Vickie Heaney

About Transition

Transition initiatives exist in communities of a few hundred up to several thousand right across the UK and in various countries around the world. It started in Totnes, south Devon in autumn 2006, driven by the movement's founder Rob Hopkins. Rob continues to be at the forefront of this rapidly developing movement and writes an excellent regular blog called Transition Culture.

All Transition initiatives are guided by the common principles of finding positive, community-led solutions to the twin threats of Peak Oil and Climate Change. But what makes this model unique amongst other environmental movements is its social element and emphasis on community leadership. Above all, the movement is characterised by positive actions rather than negative campaigning.

This is a truly bottom-up approach which empowers people and ensures solutions are focussed and appropriate for each locality. However, Transition Network acts as a co-ordinator, information hub and national event organiser for all Transition initiatives.